Three Heads Multi Purpose Hand-held Groove Gap Cleaning Tool

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Item Description:

· Material: Plastic

· Size: 23*10.5*1.5cm

· Color: White

· Item Type: Groove Cleaning Brush

· Quantity: 1 Pc

· Weight: 299g

· Brand: Comzendle     



· Length about 23*10.5cm/9*4.1" . And they are so easy to clean. All you need to do is washing it with water

· Ergonomically designed to fit the palm comfortably and softly, the pressure-absorbing processed handle puts less tension on the hands, while providing an outstanding grip

· It attacks grime with three different heads, and its pointed head accesses corners and other hard-to-reach spots with ease. When your chores are through, hang this tool to let it dry



· It can quickly remove dust, pollen and road grime from your window or door tracks with this specially designed. The other end can remove hard remove stain from desktop, bathtub, kitchen sink and so on

· They are perfect for cleaning grout, shower door tracks, fixtures, countertops, floors and walls, windows, cooking bench, windowsill and other small spaces


 Package Includes:

· 1 Pc* Groove Cleaning Brush