LCD Display Digital Projection Voice Alarm Clock

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The 60-degree swivel projection guarantee clear and cool view of the time. Project ultra-clear time onto walls or ceiling.

Each time press the top button, the clock will project the time and report the current time and temperature.

Support automatically hourly chime funtion.

This alarm clock displays time, temperature and also has an 12/24 hour format and alarm.

Support 10 minutes snooze function and 5 alarm sounds can be chosen.

Large LCD screen with blue backlight to show the time and temperature

Powered by 3*AAA carbon-zinc batteries (not included). It can be also powered by DC 5V through 3.5mm port (cable is not included).

Small size, convenient to be placed in anywhere. Add a touch of modern to your bedroom, living room or office.


1. Please use carbon-zinc battery, do NOT use alkaline battery, or it might damage the clock.

2. When using carbon-zinc battery as power supply, the backlight and projection will turn off automatically after a few seconds and turn on again when press the button.

3. When using DC 4.5V as power supply, the backlight and projection will keep turning on and cannot turn off.

4. Do NOT use the battery power and DC 4.5V power at the same time, or it might damage the clock.

5. This clock does not have power off memory function.

How to set snooze?

Slide TALKING key to ON position, when the alarm is ringing, press LIGHT/SNZ key on the top to stop the alarm temporarily, the alarm logo on the LCD screen will flash and the snooze function starts automatically. The snooze interval time is 10 minutes and the alarm will ring for 6 times at most.

When the alarm is ringing, press other keys (except LIGHT/SNZ key) or no operation cannot start the snooze function.


Type: Projection Alarm Clock

Material: ABS

Quantity: 1 pc

Item Color: White

Display / Function: time, °C/°F temp, 12/24 hour forma, alarm, snooze

Projection Color: Red

Backlight: Yes, blue color

Project Distance: 3-7m / 10-23ft

Power Supply: 3*AAA carbon-zinc battery (battery is not included) or DC 5V voltage through 3.5mm port (cable is not included)

Size: 8*8*9.5cm / 3.2*3.2*3.7" (L*W*H)

Net Weight: 0.155kg / 5.5oz



1*English user manual

1*Package box